Purppl (Purposeful People)

Purppl is for social entrepreneurs who need predictable, sustainable business models to help solve tough community, social, and environmental challenges. Purppl is a social enterprise accelerator that provides structured mentorship, training, and tools to help implement and scale entrepreneurial revenue models. We work with you not for you, we are social entrepreneurs ourselves, and we are strongly committed to building an ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and peers to help support.

Our Programs


Our Social Enterprise Acceleration (SEA) Program is for social entrepreneurs scaling their operation who need strategic and operational support to grow predictable, sustainable business models to help solve tough community, social, and environmental challenges. SEA is a six month social enterprise acceleration program that provides lean startup tools, operational accountability, and ongoing strategic mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs.


Our Social Enterprise Fundamentals (SoFun) Workshop is for social entrepreneurs who need tools to shape their social enterprise idea and build a business model. SoFun is a social enterprise fundamentals workshop that provides in-person education on globally popular lean startup tools, contextual examples from other social enterprises, and effective exercises to help shape your social enterprise.


  • I walked into the Purppl office with lots of ideas and a good attitude. They helped me make a map to make sense of these ideas and make them a reality.

  • This has been great. It’s the first time things have started to become clear about how this model could work. This is exciting! Healthy Essentials

  • I wish that all non-profits had the opportunity to work with Purppl. I honestly believe without Purppl the agency wouldn’t have continued.

  • We create recreational sport opportunities for persons with a disability. We can’t do that alone.
    Pürppl brings coaching, tools, and network access to help implement a revenue plan for sustainable growth. Shelley Gautier Para-Sport Foundation

Meet the Team

Andrew Greer

Community Catalyst

Andrew is an experienced program manager, sales manager, and community builder. He plays an active role in building acceleration programs for tech startups with Accelerate Okanagan. He is a director with Big Brothers and Big Sisters (Okanagan), Okanagan Changemakers, and UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies.

Ken Gauthier

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Ken is the founder of Urban Matters, a social enterprise which focuses on sustainable community development as well as a member of the BC Social Impact Partners. He has a successful foundation as a professional engineer, strategic and entrepreneurial business and team leader.

Amanda Loewen

Marketing Coordinator

With a Bachelor of Management with a focus on Marketing from the University of British Columbia, Amanda joins Purppl with an interest in marketing and social media management. In addition to being an avid traveller, she enjoys hiking and spending her time at the lake with her family.

Fraser Campbell

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Fraser is a serial entrepreneur who has participated in several startups, rollouts, mergers and acquisitions in warehousing, aviation, construction, and public security. He is a director with the Kelowna Food Bank, Okanagan Changemakers, and Shoe Bank Canada and a mentor with Accelerate Okanagan.

Colin Stansfield

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Colin is the Executive Director at Potluck Cafe, an award winning social enterprise in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. He has a strong background in sustainable community development and social innovation. He is a director at the Dugout Drop-In Society and the Strathacona Business Improvement Association.

Linda McGrew

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Linda is an entrepreneur and consultant who has owned and operated several companies locally and globally including an all women’s commercial painting company and a socially responsible fashion label. Further to entrepreneurship, she has worked as a director of non-profits, a professor, and a writer. Linda is driven to build new economic models that help communities thrive.

Christian Brandt

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Christian is one of the co-founders and currently the Executive Director of the OGO Car Share Co-op. Since starting in 2013, Christian has developed partnerships with public, private and educational institutions to grow OGO Car Share to 13 vehicles and over 450 members. Christian is also the former President of the Federation of Canadian Car Share Co-ops.

Charity Gerbrandt

Social Entrepreneur in Residence

Charity brings a wide range of expertise to the Purppl team. Currently she is the VP of Brand & User Experience for Carebook Technologies, a Montreal based company whose mission is to give people the tools they need to take control of their health. Charity spent 10 years working with Disney Interactive focusing on creative product development and team culture while building the largest virtual community for kids.

Canada’s social sector contributes $176 billion the economy

Join the movement of people taking on big challenges like housing for everyone,

food and water security, economic empowerment, accessible transportation, and climate change.

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