Scale Up Social Program

The Scale Up Social Program is for social entrepreneurs who need strategic and operational support to grow predictable, sustainable business models that help solve tough community, social, and environmental challenges.

Business Model Analysis

Analyze and understand the activities that drive your business and your social impact. Use this data to make informed decisions.

Impact Model Exploration

Define your desired impact, steps to get there, and the metrics to measure.

Operational Accountability

Match your strategy to measurable, quarterly objectives and implement the management tactics to hold your team accountable. 

Revenue Development

Implement and improve your predictable, sustainable revenue model.

Who Is Participating?

How Do We Help Scale Your Social Enterprise?

  • Structured Coaching - We pair you and your leadership team with experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) to help you grow your business and your impact. Our team provides operational and strategic coaching while holding you accountable.
  • Implement & Act - We help you implement global tool sets like the social enterprise business model canvas, customer discovery, positioning statement, theory of change, opportunity evaluation, and OKRs.
  • Ecosystem Access - We help you connect to other social entrepreneurs so you know you aren't doing it alone, and we help develop partnerships to reduce risk, improve revenue, reduce cost, and improve impact.
Program Structure

6 month initial commitment
Bi-weekly meetings with EIRs
Quarterly strategy sessions
Connection to the impact ecosystem

Ideal Criteria

Committed to impact
For-profit, non-profit, hybrid, government, etc.
Coachable leadership team
Growing, entrepreneurial revenue model

Let's Connect

Let's discuss your impact model and your business model. Let's build it together.