SoFun Workshop

Upcoming Workshops:
Kelowna – May 2nd

Our Social Enterprise Fundamentals Workshop is for social entrepreneurs who need tools to shape their social enterprise idea and build a business model. SoFun is a social enterprise fundamentals workshop that provides in-person education on globally popular lean startup tools, contextual examples from other social enterprises, and effective exercises to help shape your social enterprise.


Business Model Canvas

Learn how to use the globally popular tool to describe, design, challenge, and pivot your social enterprise. Use this to explore assumptions about your customer, value proposition, partners, revenue, and more.

Financial Modeling & Corporate Structure

Look at a basic budget and cash-flow template that you can use to build your model. Learn about common incorporation models and governance structures for social enterprises.

Theory of Change

Learn about this well defined methodology of defining long-term impact goals and mapping backwards to identify the steps to achieve that change.

Pitching & Storytelling

Understand and implement the key aspects of a successful business pitch to improve your communication with potential customers, funders, and stakeholders.


Learn about funding and support opportunities that are available to help grow your idea. Understand the progression of types of funding available as your enterprise grows.

Customer Discovery

Build a buyer persona to help you identify how to reach potential customers. Learn a well defined process about how to speak with potential customers and partners and get them to help you build your product or service. Create a positioning statement to give your stakeholders a clear understanding of your social enterprise.


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