About Us

Our Why and How

Purppl is a mashup of the words PURposeful PeoPLe. Our purpose is to accelerate the development and sustainability of social enterprises.

Our Theory of Change

Chronic challenges like climate change, income inequality, mental health, gender equity, poverty, and more must be addressed with patient urgency. We commit to being active builders of an ecosystem that supports social enterprise development.

Our Impact Statement: We enable social enterprises to implement sustainable revenue models so they can implement long-term solutions for community, social, and environmental challenges.

Here is a snapshot of how we believe we can achieve our desired impact. We’d love to to hear your constructive feedback.

Social Enterprise Development


  • Excellent staff and mentors
  • Educational tools
  • Collaborative space
  • Patient capital


  • Meetups & workshops
  • Acceleration programs
  • Storytelling
  • Impact fund


  • # at meetups and workshops
  • # of clients & alumni
  • Increasing growth rate & cust. revenue for socents
  • # social enterprises in community
  • Storytelling reach
  • $ invested


  • Community understands socent
  • Improved financial stability of socents
  • Socents implement long-term solutions
  • Funder priorities shift


  • Sustainable social impact model
  • Social enterprises at scale
  • Movement of community health indicators
  • Sustainable, regenerative economic system

Support at All Stages of Growth

We aim to build an ecosystem that supports social entrepreneurs at all stages of development. Social entrepreneurs need different support as they mature. Scroll over the program icons below to see what stage we think our programs are most appropriate.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

01 Ideate

You are thinking about impact and entrepreneurship. You need to connect, learn, and listen.

02 Validate

You’ve started something and are trying to validate it. You need tools and people to learn with and from.

03 Startup

You’re committed to your project or enterprise. It’s time to test and build sustainable revenue and sustainable impact.

04 Scale Up

It’s working. You need to backstop your team with additional expertise, deepen your impact, and expand your financial model.

05 System Change

You can consistently deliver sustainable impact. It’s time to leverage partnerships and scale to fundamentally change a system.


Join the movement

One third of all startups globally have social impact and entrepreneurship embedded in their core activities. Social entrepreneurs everywhere are taking on big challenges like housing for everyone, food and water security, economic empowerment, accessible transportation, and climate change.

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