TELUS Indigenous Communities Fund

Telus provide flexible grants to Indigenous organizations, not-for-profits and community groups. Grants are available up to $50,000 and are to support Indigenous-led initiatives that support tangible positive outcomes.

Requests eligible for funding: 

  • Your organization, community group or project supports Indigenous peoples (First Nations, Métis, Inuit) within Canada.

  • You address a pressing social or well-being need and create measurable community outcomes.

Maximum Amount: $50 000


  • Spring: February 5 to March 29, 2024

  • Fall: August 19 to October 11, 2024

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Community Funding Request

If your initiative helps build healthier communities, This is a good fit! Their focus is making a meaningful difference by improving financial literacy and economic development in the communities the organization serves.  This initiative includes their:

  • Building Healthy Communities Fund (up to $10000)
  • Community Investment Program (up to $1000)
  • Corporate sponsorships

Maximum Amount: $10000

Deadline: Not provided

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Gulf & Fraser Foundation

The Gulf & Fraser Foundation is now accepting applications. In 2023, the Foundation donated almost $400,000 to 49 local organizations—that could be you!
The Foundation provides financial assistance to registered charities that build on the values of their credit union to make a positive and lasting impact in the community. It supports organizations prioritizing community health, social care, and a positive environmental impact. If this sounds like you, apply now.

Maximum Amount:Not provided

Deadline: March 31, 2024

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FireSmart Community Funding and Supports

The FireSmart Community Funding and Supports program provides funding to First Nations and local governments in BC to increase community resiliency by undertaking community-based FireSmartTM 1 planning and activities that reduce the community’s risk from wildfire.

Maximum Amount: Not provided

Deadline: September 30, 2024

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Rural Transit Solutions Fund

The Rural Transit Solutions Fund seeks to help Canadians living in rural and remote areas get around their communities more easily for their day-to-day activities, and connect with other communities nearby.  From on-demand services, to publicly-owned ride shares, and volunteer community car-pooling, funding will help rural, remote, Northern, and Indigenous communities to develop and offer new public transit options to their residents. Eligible organizations representing these communities can seek support through two program streams depending on the nature of their project:

Planning and Design Projects stream & Capital Projects stream.

Maximum Amount:$50,000

Deadline: Until funds run out

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BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund

The BC Manufacturing Jobs Fund (MJF) will help manufacturing companies modernize, innovate, and grow by providing funding for capital projects in all regions in B.C., particularly in communities affected by economic impacts or downturns.

The program welcomes applications from all manufacturing sectors. There will be a particular focus on helping the forestry sector retrofit and develop new, sustainable value-added business lines that reduce dependency on old growth logging and make innovative use of biomaterials.

Maximum Amount:$50,000

Deadline: Until funds run out

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Smart & Caring Community Grants

The Smart & Caring Community Grant offers support towards a wide range of projects that benefit those living within the boundaries. Funded activities must provide a direct service to the “community” or take an innovative approach to community concerns.

Maximum Amount: $30000

Deadline:March 31 2024, 11:59 pm PST

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Community Prosperity Fund

The Community Prosperity Fund is a new $25 million fund made possible through the Stronger Community Services Fund from Government of BC. These awards will be distributed by BC community foundations. Vancouver Foundation believes in community-driven decisions and trusts the expertise of local community foundations to guide their collective efforts towards poverty reduction and sustainable community development.

This fund will provide multi-year operational grants for charities and non-profits addressing poverty reduction and social inclusion across the province.

Applications open in Winter 2024


Social Enterprise & Scaling Impact Streams

Innoweave provides funded coaching access for organizations looking to expand a program or implement a new approach or deepen their social impact. Yes, Purppl can provide the coaching.

Who Should Apply

Any organization with a clear and shared definition of the impact they seek to achieve.

Maximum Amount: $10,000
Deadlines: December 15, April 15, August 15
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Seed Venture Fund

With this $50 million Fund, BDC seeks to invest at the grassroots level to ensure the sustainability of the VC ecosystem in every Canadian region, with a particular focus on underserved markets. Working closely with incubators, accelerators, angels, other venture capital investors and partners across the country, they plan to lead the majority of their investments in the nation’s most promising seed stage start-ups.

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Grow Your Business Online Grant

Grow Your Business Online

Grants help with the costs related to adopting digital technologies.

Who Should Apply

Consumer-facing organizations (including for-profit social enterprises and co-operatives) who are committed to maintaining digital adoption strategy for six months.

Maximum Amount: $2,400
Deadline: Until funds run out
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Boost Your Business Grant

Boost Your Business Technology

Eligible businesses can leverage the grant to pay for the services of a digital advisor. These advisors will work with companies to recommend digital pathways and strategies that will help them achieve their business goals and increase their competitiveness in the digital economy.

Who Should Apply

For-profit with 1-499 employees and $500,000 of annual revenues in last three tax years.

Maximum Amount: The grant covers up to 90% of the eligible costs (max of $15,000 per SME)
Deadline: Until funds run out
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First Peoples’ Cultural Council (FPCC)

All the programs they fund support the vitality of Indigenous languages, arts and cultural heritage, with an aim to rebuild cultural systems impacted by colonization and support Indigenous self-determination.

Who Should Apply

Many grants available with varying application criteria.

Maximum Amount: Not provided
Deadlines: many deadlines
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Provincial Homelessness Grants

This initiative provides one-time funding for local planning and collaborative initiatives designed to better respond to the needs of those who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Who Should Apply

Any organization planning community-based action including demonstration projects, partnerships, research and other collaborative efforts.

Maximum Amount: $50,000
Deadlines: Not provided
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Thrive Impact Fund - Purppl

Thrive Impact Fund

Thrive Impact Fund is a place-based fund that sees untapped potential in local communities and a desire for investors to see their money make both financial and impact returns.

Who Should Apply

Non-profits, charities, and enterprises operated by people who traditionally are overlooked by conventional lenders.

Maximum Amount: not provided (loan)
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The Northpine Foundation Funding Opportunities for Social Impact Initiatives

They are looking for innovative ideas from entrepreneurs and social purpose organizations that can create a significant impact in their focus areas. Northpine offers tailored financing options, including donations, grants, debt, equity, a combination of these, and non-financial resources through knowledge and relationships to support ventures. The funding type and non-financial assistance depend on the organization’s needs and its potential for impact.

Maximum Amount: Not provided (Funding typically is $200K-$1M over two to three years, but amounts vary depending on the organization’s needs and their assessment of the outcome’s catalytic sustainability and scalability potential.)
Deadline: Not provided
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Columbia Basin Trust - Social Grants - Purppl

Impact Investment Fund

If your organization needs a loan for a credible business opportunity, but isn’t able to secure conventional financing, this fund may be able to help.

Who Should Apply

The Impact Investment Fund provides loans to First Nations organizations, social enterprises, non-profits and businesses that are not able to secure conventional financing to support credible investment opportunities which have significant positive and measurable community benefits.

Maximum Amount: Not provided.
Deadline: Not applicable.
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Indigenous Growth Fund - social enterprise resources - purppl

Indigenous Growth Fund

The Indigenous Growth Fund (IGF) is a new $150M investment fund that will provide access to the capital that Indigenous small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have long sought and lacked. Indigenous entrepreneurs across all industries, including emergent exporters and food and agriculture related businesses, will be able to access the Fund via business loans from a network of Aboriginal Financial Institutions (AFIs) throughout the country.

Who Should Apply

Indigenous small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

Maximum Amount: Not provided (loan)
Deadlines: Not provided.
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The Black Entrepreneurship Program - Social Enterprise funding and resources - Purppl

Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund

With an investment of up to $350.8 million over four years, it will help Black Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed now and into the future.

Who Should Apply

Black business owners and entrepreneurs across the country.

Maximum Amount: $250,000 (loan)
Deadlines: Not provided.
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Women Entrepreneurship Strategy - FUnding for socents by Purppl

Women Entrepreneurship Strategy

The government is advancing women’s economic empowerment with the first ever Women Entrepreneurship Strategy (WES), a more than $6-billion investment that aims to increase women-owned businesses’ access to the financing, talent, networks and expertise they need to start up, scale up and access new markets.

Who Should Apply

Women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Maximum Amount: Loans of up to $50,000 + mentorship and knowledge expansion opportunities.
Deadline: Not provided.
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Vancity Unity Women Entrepreneurs Program - SocEnt Resources and Grants - Purppl

Vancity Unity Women Entrepreneurs Program

Vancity and Women’s Enterprise Centre gives women, and anyone who identifies as women or non-binary, more access to the funds they need, more networking opportunities with like-minded people, and more advice from experienced mentors. Whether you’re just starting out or trying to grow your business, you can tailor your support program to meet your unique needs.

Who Should Apply

Start-up and growth stage businesses that are majority woman-owned and controlled. Vancity offers lending in the Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley (up to and including Hope), Victoria, and Sea to Sky region. Any applications from outside of these areas for the Start-Up Option will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Growth Option is not available outside of Vancity’s lending region.

Maximum Amount: Not provided.
Deadline: Not provided.
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Interior Savings - Valued partnerships empowering social entrepreneurs with Purppl

Community Investment Fund

Interior Savings is seeking community partners who they can help in a meaningful way and who, in return, will be advocates for Interior Savings, committed to helping their credit union achieve success and further their community impact objectives.

Who Should Apply

Community-based non-profit, volunteer, or charitable organizations.
Serving Okanagan, Thompson and Nicola Valley communities (Osoyoos, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, West Kelowna, Kelowna, Lake Country, Vernon, Chase, Kamloops, Barriere, Clearwater, Ashcroft, Lillooet, or Merritt).
Submitted at least eight (8) weeks in advance of the event or project.

Maximum Amount: $15,000
Deadline: not provided
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Youth Entrepreneurship Program

14-week program for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them research and develop their business idea, write their business plan, and launch and implement their business.

Who Should Apply

Between the ages of 15 and 29, resident of British Columbia
living in the Central Okanagan, currently unemployed or precariously employed.

Maximum Amount: Participants may also be eligible for living support and/or business seed money of up to $5,200.
Deadline: not provided
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Jobs and Growth Fund

Provides funding to businesses and organizations to help create jobs, and position Canada’s economy for an inclusive recovery and long-term growth.

Who Should Apply

businesses (primarily small and medium sized enterprises, fewer than 500 FTEs); not-for-profit organizations; and
Indigenous organizations.

Maximum Amount: not provided
Deadline: When funding runs out
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Youth Eco Wage Subsidies - Socent funding - Purppl

Training & Wage Subsidies for Environmental Jobs

These programs help employers attract new talent, while saving initial wage and training costs. Best of all, young practitioners and students will be able to kickstart their career journey and gain meaningful work experience.

Who Should Apply

Youth (30 and under) and Host Employers in Canada.

Maximum Amount: Up to 80% of wages.
Deadlines: Not specified.
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Community Gaming Grants

Community Gaming Grants funding enhances community life through supporting programs that: provide opportunities for enrichment through participation in sport and the arts, enhance and protect our local environment, improve quality of life for community members; and,  enhance and support the safety of our communities.

Who Should Apply

Not-for-profit organizations providing programs or services of direct benefit to the broader community.

Maximum Amount: $250,000

  • Arts & Culture: Apply between February 1 and April 30
  • Sport: Apply between March 1 and May 31
  • Public Safety: Apply between July 1 and August 31
  • Environment:  Apply between July 1 and August 31
  • Human and Social Services: Apply between June 1 and November 30

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Venture Canada - Funding for Social Enterprise - Purppl

Venture Internship Program

Internships for post-secondary students across Canada. Dynamic, aspirational young people find their way to the Venture for Canada community. They select the ones with the character traits Canadian startups and SMEs say they need and they train them to stick a landing.

  • 75% subsidy
  • Each funding round can cover up to 20 weeks of employment
  • Employers can participate in multiple semesters, and even hire the same eligible student for up to two consecutive semesters

Who Should Apply

  • < 500 employees
  • Any industry, offering an entrepreneurial role
  • Located in BC, AB, MB, SK, NB, NS, PEI or NL

Maximum Amount: Up to $2,800
Deadline: Not provided.
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