kinSHIFT is an Indigenous-led initiative supporting settlers who are committed to building respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples and places. Our experiential, arts-based workshops and programs allow participants to learn, practice, ask questions, and make mistakes in a safer environment, all while building a foundation for engaging meaningfully with Indigenous peoples.

“I thought that I was already somewhat aware and compassionate. Now I realize, like an iceberg, there is so much more history we need to know,” – Participant

Workshops Guided from an Indigenous Perspective

kinSHIFT’s workshops are for anyone wishing to cultivate meaningful relationships with Indigenous peoples but unsure where to begin. Expect participatory workshops with stories and creative activities to guide you through strengthening skills of seeing different perspectives, equity, accountability and inclusion, from an Indigenous perspective.

“I am a beginner in the area of Indigenous issues, with little knowledge about the history of Canada. I am very grateful for the leadership, openness and authenticity from the facilitators.” – Participant

Element of Truth Workshops KinSHIFT


Workshop: Elements of truth: BEFORE RECONCILIATION

An experiential workshop series of 4 x 2.5 hour workshops guided by Indigenous values: reciprocity, inclusion, curiosity, and humility.

1. Earth: Impacts of Colonization

This workshop provides an overview of our shared history of colonization and explores how Indigenous worldviews must inform our journey towards a better future for all. Choose from the following dates: October 8: 9:30-Noon, January 10: 5:00-7:30PM, February 4: 9:30-Noon.

2. Air: Expanding Perspectives

This workshop introduces the connection between implicit bias and injustice and look at how embracing diversity is necessary for collective survival. Choose from the following dates: October 15: 9:30-Noon, January 17: 5:00-7:30PM, February 11: 9:30-Noon.

“I loved how we were given to ground and process how we were feeling. I also love how kind and open the facilitators were.” – Participant

3. Fire: Awareness of Power and Privilege

This workshop allows for reflection on social positioning and ignites our potential to make the necessary change towards reconciliation. Choose from the following dates: October 22: 9:30-Noon, January 24: 5:00-7:30PM, February 18: 9:30-Noon.

4. Water: Shared Responsibilities

This workshop raises consciousness of the impacts of micro-aggressions in anti-Indigenous racism and supports our motion towards transformative learning and communication. Choose from the following dates: September 30: 3:00-5:30PM, October 29: 9:30-Noon, January 31: 5:00-7:30PM, February 25: 9:30-Noon.


Workshop: Next Steps in ReconciliACTION

This 10-hour (4 session) program is specifically for settler Canadians who have already attended at least two or more of the Elements of Truth: BEFORE RECONCILIATION workshops and are ready to take their conversations and learning to the next level.

This program offers a welcoming, safer space to continue your journey toward deepening your awareness and understanding of your roles and responsibilities in unsettling colonial narratives and practices within your organizations and personal lives.

Focus of the Workshops

  • Everyday acts of anti-Indigenous racism;
  • Practice Oops & Ouch moments;
  • Explore actionable ways to challenge the colonial status quo.

Participates will leave with a baseline of tools, knowledge, growing confidence, connections and shared learning to move your commitment to Truth and Reconciliation forward. More information on the Next Steps program is available here


12-Month Program for Organizations

This is a powerful and transformative new partnership program coming in 2022 for businesses and organizations that recognize that they have a role and responsibility in unsettling colonial narratives and practices.

kinSHIFT will engage with your teams for a full year to promote the development of ideas and actions in the cultivation of respectful and reciprocal relationships with Indigenous peoples. This is for teams that are ready to advance their justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion commitments.

Please express your interest by connecting with kinSHIFT and receive updates on this unique program as it develops.


kinSHIFT in the Classroom

kinSHIFT in the Classroom

Are you looking for Indigenous led training and resources to offer through your Professional Development programs? Is Truth & Reconciliation and Land Based Learning a commitment within your education teams?

Join facilitators from kinSHIFT for a half or full day of inspiration, learning, tools & resources.

These professional development sessions help build foundations for engaging meaningfully with Indigenous children and youth, as well as offer tools for implementation of curriculum content and the First Peoples Principles of Learning.

 More information is available on their website.


About kinSHIFT

Founded by a trio of Indigenous facilitators, IndigenEYEZ has sparked a movement of creative empowerment with a focus on Indigenous youth. Based in Syilx-Okanagan territory, we have been delivering impactful programs since 2013, touching the lives of more than 9,000 people through 200+ workshops and 30+ camps.

kinSHIFT was built in 2020 as an IndigenEYEZ social enterprise designed to meet two objectives. One, respond to the growing requests from non-Indigenous allies for Truth & Reconciliation workshops. Two, create a sustainable means of funding our work with Indigenous communities.

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