What We Do / Consulting

Extend your team

Fill a short term gap in resources to get a specific job done or a project launched.

Consulting Services


  • Add experienced talent to increase capacity and solve short term needs.
  • Gain access to diverse skills, experience, and expertise.
  • Work with consultants who have a team of others to draw from, rather than a lone consultant.
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How It Works


  • Customized for your specific problem or need.
  • Work with our deep bench of experienced social entrepreneurs-in -residence, professionals, and facilitators.
  • A wide array of skills, experience and industries.
  • Short-term contracted talent to add to your team.

Types of Projects we can support

Ecosystem Analysis

We’ve spent years building community based ecosystems to support social enterprise development (and we have some tech expertise too). We can help to analyze your ecosystem, facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration, and provide recommendations on ecosystem growth.

Strategy & Impact Model

We specialize in turning strategy into operational execution. We often facilitate refreshed strategic plans and / or impact models and help you translate them into actionable, annual and quarterly objectives.

Objectives & Key Results

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are a globally popular performance management process which clearly identifies goals and measurable targets for you and your team. OKRs help you and your team stay accountable to critical priorities. Need focus and accountability? Let’s make it happen.

Fractional Talent

Our diverse team can add high capacity talent onto your team in a fractional role. Need short term or part time experienced talent to help get you through a big challenge? Let’s discuss.


Are you an intrapreneur trying to bring a social impact project to fruition and could use some external entrepreneurial coaching and support? We can help.

We’ve worked with small and large businesses and non-profits, universities and colleges, municipalities, and government organizations.

Let’s collaborate to achieve your project

Our diverse team helps identify, build, and scale projects and enterprises that work for the public good. Tell us what you are trying to achieve, we’ll see if we can help each other. 

Let's Collaborate