Resilience and Recovery

for social purpose organizations

Customized coaching to build sustainability and resilience in your revenue, operations, impact, and people.

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Expertise to Support Your Growth

Our experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence backstop your leadership team with tactical, functional expertise.


Build, refine, and grow a sustainable revenue model. Deepen your understanding of the metrics that impact your sustainability.


Improve capacity and operational efficiency. Evolve products, services, or technology to meet changing demands.


Strengthen teams, culture, and leadership. Establish objectives, key results, accountability, and focus.


Define your desired community impact, develop steps to get there, and relevant impact metrics. Develop communication strategies to tell your story.

Purppl is able to capture the essence of what we do and provide succinct ways of communicating it. They provide firm guidance as well as focus and inspiration to gain clarity in supporting my passion. It’s been an awesome energizing experience!

Kelly Terbasket

What are Social Purpose Organizations?

A social purpose organization can be a charity, nonprofit, social enterprise, co-operative, or for-profit social enterprise. In all cases, a social purpose organization is advancing a social, cultural or environmental mission.

How We’ve Helped Others

Program Structure

  • 6-12 months of customized, private coaching including a 4-week rapid assessment
  • Set objectives with measurable key results and get ongoing support to achieve those objectives
  • Facilitated retrospective and reflection sessions
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Looking for Funding to Work with Purppl? 

Many funders support coaching to launch or grow a social enterprise project or program. Take a look over on our blog to see current funding programs.