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Scale Up Social accelerates the success of your social enterprise. Experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence backstop your leadership team with tactical, functional expertise to build your sustainable revenue model and sustainable impact model.

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How does Scale Up Social Support your Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise Facilitation

Business Model Growth

Our EIRs help you analyze and understand the activities that drive your predictable, sustainable revenue. We walk alongside you to help you make informed decisions and implement tactical action to drive growth.

Impact Model Improvement

Struggling to define your desired impact, steps to get there, and metrics to measure? Or how your activities will help achieve system change? We dig deep on your impact model and help you communicate it to your stakeholders.

Strategy to Action

Set strategy and align strategy to quarterly objectives and measurable results. We help you set strong, strategic goals and help you implement management process to enable you to achieve those objectives.

Leadership Development

Support your leadership team with the tactical, ongoing coaching they need from experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence. We operate alongside you to elevate your team and your performance.

Our Client Numbers

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Social Entrepreneurs at Work

A Look at Our Work
One Big Table

One Big Table

For Chef Giulio finding a permanent home for the One Big Table co-op grocery store has been many years in the making. With a shared goal to make a difference within the community, One Big Table, in collaboration with the John Howard Society, can now do what it does best—provide the community with local food, every day of the week. Read More…

Start Fresh Kitchen

It started with a simple idea of hosting monthly cooking classes and grew from a side step into a full-on journey from there. The Start Fresh story comes with some hard lessons along with some hard-earned success where you can see their community and social impact starting to grow. Read More…

The Big Edition

The Big Edition’s mission is to relieve and reduce poverty and support vendors of their magazine—people who are marginalized and have multiple barriers to employment, the homeless, those struggling with mental health and addiction and people living in chronic poverty. Read More…

What to expect

Program Structure

  • 6-month minimum commitment
  • Bi-weekly meetings with EIRs
  • Coaching, not consulting
  • Customized project scope and team
  • Quarterly strategy sessions
  • Connection to the impact ecosystem

Ideal Criteria

  • Committed to to social impact
  • For profit, non-profit, hybrid, government, etc.
  • Coachable leadership team
  • Growing, entrepreneurial revenue model
Clients & Alumni

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One third of all startups globally have social impact and entrepreneurship embedded in their core activities. Social entrepreneurs everywhere are taking on big challenges like housing for everyone, food and water security, economic empowerment, accessible transportation, and climate change.

Take a look at a few of our clients and alumni.

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Accelerate Your Social Enterprise

We want to help you use a sustainable business model to enable implementation of long term solutions to our toughest community, social, and environmental challenges. Let’s help each other make it happen.

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SoFun Workshop

SoFun is a full-day workshop for people who want to learn about building sustainable business models and sustainable social impact models.

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