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Foundations for creating a successful social enterprise

Social Enterprise Fundamentals (SoFun) is a full-day workshop for people who want to build sustainable business models and sustainable social impact models. This workshop provides in-person education, contextual examples, exercises, and tools to help you build and grow a social enterprise. Come and learn with and from social entrepreneurs.

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Workshop tools and topics

Tools & Topics

Theory of Change

Define your desired impact and easily communicate how you will achieve that impact. Use this tool to help identify and communicate activities you need to have in place to achieve your impact.

Business Model Canvas

Learn how to use the globally popular tool to describe, design, and map your business model. Explore assumptions about your customer, beneficiary, value proposition, partners, revenue, and more.

Incorporation Models for Social Enterprise

Learn about common incorporation models and governance structures for social enterprises. See real examples of how local social enterprises are incorporated and how they make money.

Social Finance

Understand types of funding and capital available to social entrepreneurs.

Customer Discovery

Learn how to identify and speak with potential customers to gain information about product and service features, pricing, delivery model, and more. Develop a customer persona. Use this information to help guide your minimum viable product.

Positioning and Storytelling

Build a positioning statement to easily communicate to your stakeholders about your customer, their needs, your product / service, and your competitive differentiation. This is the central part of any conversation with a customer.

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Who Attends?

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Non profit leaders
  • Small business owners
  • Students
  • Board members
  • Funders
  • ‘Wantrepreneurs’
  • Corporate CSR leaders
  • People interested in social entrepreneurship
  • Employees wanting to drive impact

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