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Impact Measurement & Management

We’ll work with you to clarify your impacts, improve your measurement capacity, communicate your impact and build organizational culture.

Our Impact Measurement & Management (IMM) service is designed for organizations building sustainable solutions to complex social challenges.

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Impact measurement is too often complex, time consuming and not helpful.

Impact Businesses & Not-For-Profits

Purppl’s approach builds integrity into every phase of impact measurement and management.

Clearly communicate impact

Be able to quickly and easily describe your intended impact and how you achieve it, so you can share data-backed stories of impact.

Build internal capacity

Make it easy for your busy team to measure impact with a simple, repeatable process and tools that enable thoughtful analysis.

Measure outcomes, not outputs

Move beyond measuring the work that you do and look instead at how well that work is delivering meaningful change.

When good impact measurement is in place…

  • Your team understands the vision and sees how their work directly contributes to meaningful change.
  • Management consistently evaluates decisions based on impact and long-term sustainability.
  • Leadership has a consistent strategic decision making lens, and your organization becomes less reliant on the CEO/ED for direction.
What to Expect

A Phased Approach

We work together with you, not for you, to build your capacity over 6- to 12-months, depending on your needs.

Phase 1: Clarify impact and align decision making

Together with you and your team, we’ll build a Theory of Change (impact model) and develop a Decision Matrix to support consistent evaluation and decision-making.

Phase 2: Define and refine measurement

Building a framework for measuring your organization’s impact, we’ll identify the metrics worth capturing, and help map out a repeatable measurement process with clear accountability for which team members do what and when. We may also build intake and evaluation surveys.

Phase 3: Connect impact to activities

Next, we move your impact strategy and measurement into action by setting Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to guide implementation and hold you and your team accountable.

Phase 4: Operationalize and implement

This is where the real work begins. Ongoing leadership coaching and implementation support enables you to move your impact goals, measurement process, data analysis and storytelling into regular practice.


When our work together is complete…

You can clearly communicate your intended impact to build support, loyalty and a case for taking action.
Strategy and day-to-day operations become linked – moving your organization forward toward its vision.
Your team consistently uses consistent practices for consistently good impact measurement.
Your team has decision-making tools they can use in all areas of their work.
Stories of your organization’s impact are data-supported and set you apart.
How we work


When you work with Purppl you get a team of experienced Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIRs) who walk alongside you, nurturing your capacity and capability to lead your organization into new phases of impact and opportunity.

Purppl Entrepreneurs In Residence hold deep + diverse expertise

Standards for impact measurement

We use the Common Approach to impact measurement

The Common Approach is a flexible impact measurement standard created for – and governed by – social purpose organizations. Their approach shares wise practices about how to do good measurement aligned with community-driven standards but personalized for your organization.

Implementing the Common Approach helps you describe your intended change, use indicators, collect useful information, gauge performance and impact, and communicate and use results.

Organizations using the Common Approach become part of a broader community that fosters collective learning and collective action, supporting greater systems change.

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We also offer Impact Measurement workshops

Our Impact Measurement workshops are purposefully designed to give you the push or guidance you need to establish simple, credible processes for evaluating the impact of your organization’s work against intended outcomes.

Reach out to explore co-hosting a workshop with our team — online or at your location.

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Our Toolset

We curate and customize tools to meet you where you’re at in your measurement journey.

  • The Common Approach
  • Theory of Change
  • Decision Matrix
  • One Page Strategic Plan
  • Objectives & Key Results
  • Impact Measurement Framework
  • Impact Reporting
  • Impact Measurement Software
Next step

Reach out to explore options

Purppl offers several options for working together on impact measurement and management, starting with a workshop or diving right in with coaching.

If you’ve already started some measurement work and would value an accountability partner and/or storytelling ideas, we can do that too.

As always, our services are personalized to meet you wherever you’re at in your journey.

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