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Impact & Strategic Planning

Purppl’s Impact & Strategic Planning approach enables social impact businesses and non-profits to clearly communicate intended impact, make decisions based on strategy, connect impact to everyday activities, measure that impact and tell compelling impact stories.

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Typical strategic planning doesn’t connect impact to everyday activities.

Impact Businesses & Non-Profits

You need a strategic plan that can help you…

Clearly communicate impact

You want your impacts and how you achieve them to be crystal clear.

Align business decisions with impact goals

You need a consistent decision-making process to balance impact with financial and operational sustainability.

Connect impact to everyday activities

Your team needs to see how their day-to-day work actually furthers the organization’s impact.

Measure outcomes, tell stories

You yearn to know which activities actually matter. And tell data-backed stories that win support.

Impact & Strategic Planning

Our Approach

We aren’t interested in building strategic plans that only get pulled out once a year.

Our goal is to build your team’s capacity and skills to operationalize your impact strategy, and build a culture of accountability through the process.

We work with you and your team to build a shared language to communicate your vision and strategic goals, plus a model to help each team member see the impact of day-to-day activities.

Working collaboratively, you’ll learn simple practices for streamlining decision making, program design, evaluation and storytelling (including tools you’ll actually use!) that align operations with your strategic plan.


When our work together is complete, you’ll be able to…

Communicate your intended impacts

Together, we’ll draft a simple framework that clearly communicates your intended impacts and the necessary strategies to create positive change for your stakeholders – all in alignment with your organization’s values and vision for systems change.

Make consistent decisions

Implement a repeatable, transparent decision-making process anchored in your intended impact and financial and operational sustainability. Your whole team will be empowered to evaluate and communicate strategic and/or operational decisions rationally and with consistency.

Connect impact to activities

We’ll work with you to build an implementation plan to operationalize your impact goals and strategy by creating a one-page strategic plan and setting transparent Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for your first year and first quarter. 

Prove and improve impact

We’ll co-create an impact measurement framework that helps you prove and improve your impact and build compelling, data-supported stories that energize stakeholders and breathe life into outreach and fundraising activities.

How we work


When you work with Purppl you get a team of experienced Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIRs) who walk alongside you, nurturing your capacity and capability to lead your organization into new phases of impact and opportunity.

Purppl Entrepreneurs In Residence hold deep + diverse expertise

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Purppl offers several options for working together on impact and strategic planning, spanning one to 12 months, depending on how deep you are ready to go. 

Custom packages available.

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