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Leadership Development for Reconciliation

Led by syilx-Okanagan women, Journey Together is a transformative opportunity for social impact organizations and leaders seeking to build respectful relationships with Indigenous peoples and take action on reconciliation in real and embodied ways.

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Take committed, actionable steps to build right relations using approaches inspired by Indigenous knowledge and ways of being

Developed by kinSHIFT, with help from Purppl, Journey Together is based on syilx-Okanagan principles and led by syilx-Okanagan women.

This unique leadership-training-for-reconciliation program welcomes non-Indigenous and Indigenous people to walk together as they learn, listen and share knowledge – and develop their capacity to build respectful relationships.

Who is Journey Together for?

Journey Together is for leaders ready to do the work of decolonizing relational patterns with Indigenous people and land, who are seeking ways to bring their organizations along with them with activities that meet team members where they’re at.

Leadership for Reconciliation

How does this program work?

True to its name, Journey Together is a journey, not a destination. And each leader and organization’s journey looks different.

Based on your needs and situation, we’ll work with you to build a customized roadmap that could include a combination of private coaching, workshops and training to facilitate community conversations – all with a focus on building respectful relationships with Indigenous people and land.

Looking for a baby step? A great place to start is kinSHIFT’s community workshop series Elements of Truth: Before Reconciliation.

1:1 Mentorship

Journey Together with Private Coaching

Our private coaching service provides a welcoming space to build respectful relationships, take steps, and develop your leadership skills through ongoing, one-on-one dialogue with our team.

This program is a meaningful commitment.

Meeting privately twice a month with your mentors, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous, you’ll be supported to move through layers of learning/unlearning, allows you to bring specific context and questions about your organization forward, and will help you implement meaningful action.

Each organization will ideally commit to sending two people from their organization, including an Executive Director, CEO or senior leadership team member, as well as the internal champion who will move actions forward in the organization.

Personalized coaching for reconciliation

This program is intended for people and organizations that want to unlearn, decolonize, and share the vision of long-term commitment to Indigenous peoples based on syilx principles of respect, inclusion, reciprocity and humility. If that sounds like you, reach out to learn more.

Beginner Workshops

Elements of Truth: Before Reconciliation

In these workshops, you and your team will join folks from across Turtle Island for an experiential learning journey to deepen your understanding of how settler Canadians can embrace their responsibility to spark change and build right relations with Indigenous peoples.

Elements of Truth: Before Reconciliation is a 10-hour workshop series rooted in Indigenous values.

Guided by reciprocity, inclusion, curiosity, and humility, our learning journey unfolds over four weeks, with four powerful 2.5-hour sessions (Earth, Air, Fire or Water).

Whether taking them in order or dropping in to a single session, get ready for an informative, interactive, and impactful experience that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized.

Grow your capacity to ignite change and build meaningful relations with Indigenous peoples.

Elements workshops typically run four times per year, twice in the fall and twice in the spring. Sign up for all four workshops, or one at a time, as individuals or as a team.

Advanced Level Workshops

Elements of Change: Why Land & Place Matter

An experiential learning journey to deepen your understanding of how settler Canadians can embrace their responsibility to spark change and build right relations with Indigenous peoples.

Elements of Change: Why Land & Place Matter is specifically intended for settler Canadians who have already taken at least two or more of kinSHIFT’s Elements of Truth workshops (Earth, Air, Fire or Water) and are ready to deepen their learning in a more intimate setting that includes small and large group dialogue.

This four-part workshop centers Indigenous voices, providing opportunities to learn from our experienced facilitation team.

Private workshops to deepen your team’s learning

kinSHIFT will facilitate a private Elements of Change series for your organization team members as soon as a group of about 25 have completed at least two Elements of Truth workshops.

Facilitating Reconciliation

Table Talks

Want to learn how to facilitate courageous conversations in boardrooms and meeting rooms?

Table Talks holds the vision of settlers gathered around their boardroom and meeting room tables, talking with their colleagues about their responsibilities for building just and decolonized relationships with Indigenous peoples, the land and all beings.

This is a grassroots initiative—you don’t need to be a teacher or professional facilitator to host Table Talks. All the skills you need are the desire to make a difference and a willingness to learn.

kinSHIFT will facilitate a private Table Talks training program for your organization

Training for folks who want to be capable and confident in hosting conversations with their colleagues about reconciliation and building respectful relationships with Indigenous people and place.

This five-session program is typically spread just over a month and includes a written guide. Participants must have completed all four Elements of Truth workshops.

Leadership for Reconciliation

What to expect

Expect a welcoming space to build relationships, take steps and develop your leadership – together.

The program is led by Indigenous and non-Indigenous hosts and facilitators who model and learn in real time what it means to be in right, respectful relationships.

Journey Together


Kelly Terbasket

As Program Director of IndigenEYEZ, Kelly is known for her energizing, out-of-the-box workshops. Coming from a mixed heritage, Kelly has been bridging distinct worlds all her life, weaving together the strengths of her Syilx and European ancestry.

Charmaine Lyn

Charmaine is Director of Changemaker Education at Ashoka Canada. She works closely with Canada’s seven designated Changemaker Campuses and their change leaders to deepen and accelerate field-level transformation in Canadian post-secondary.

Intended Outcomes

Journey Together helps to deepen understanding, build community and create change

Feel supported to speak up, take action and commit to meaningful, ongoing action
Build confidence, overcome fear of making mistakes
Build respectful relationships
Increase resiliency and embodied holistic healing
Grow organizational capacity and leadership capability

What Past Participants Have Said

Reconciliation requires a deeper awareness of the truth of colonization in Canada. kinSHIFT delivers a powerful experience where individuals or corporate teams can learn, ask questions, and make mistakes while strengthening courage for engaging with Indigenous peoples.

I hear many non-Indigenous people ask, 'Where do I start?' My answer to that is—just start.

I really appreciated the sense of connection and inclusion. While there were moments of vulnerability, there was also space to explore this safely for everyone.

I feel so enriched by the workshop … it is brilliant—and one of the best I have ever attended.

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As collaborative partners, Purppl and kinSHIFT are seeking to build long-term, respectful relationships with leaders and organizations interested in journeying together.

kinSHIFT is a project of IndigenEYEZ, a community-based initiative empowering emerging Indigenous leaders since 2013. Revenue generated from Journey Together directly funds this work.

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