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Our Clients & Alumni

A social enterprise is an organization that seeks to achieve social, cultural, or environmental aims through the sale of goods or services.

The social enterprise can be for profit or not-for-profit but the majority of the net profits must be directed to a social objective with limited distribution to shareholders and owners.

Below is a list of 20+ clients and alumni of our Scale Up social enterprise acceleration program.

Arion Therapeutic Farm

Arion Therapeutic Farm was established in 2009 as a therapeutic riding facility, over time, we realized that visiting the farm itself was a therapeutic experience that all visitors benefit from. Since that realization, the farm has evolved into a sanctuary that is open to the public, allowing all individuals to experience our serene, restorative farm setting.

The Arion Therapeutic Farm Community Contribution Company Ltd is a hybrid business model. We offer people uniquely positive and heart warming experiences by way of therapeutic programs and services. There is something for everyone at Arion.

Operation Take Two

Operation Take Two (OTT) is a youth-led social enterprise based at Rutland Senior Secondary
in Kelowna that seeks to tackle this global issue by empowering communities to turn their
trash into treasure. We do this by packing all the machinery and tools needed to recycle plastic
waste into a forty-foot shipping container-turned-workspace. Not only does this workspace
give communities responsibility for their waste, but it creates a self-sustaining community hub
for youth-led education, innovation, and empowerment.


IndigenEYEZ is an Indigenous-led project and our workshops help develop resilient
people and healthy communities with connections across generations. We train and contract a
network of Indigenous facilitators who use best practices in community building, the arts, and
land-based methodologies to share skills that help participants make positive changes as
individuals and as communities. Since our first workshops in 2014, we have reached 5,000 participants through more than 100 workshops and 25 youth camps.

Elevation Outdoors

Elevation Outdoors was founded in 2007 by Tori Hanson and a small group of dedicated individuals that saw a need in our community. From our very first ever Learn to Shred program with 6 participants our focus has always been on breaking down barriers and helping young people find a passion to help them lead a healthy happier life. Since our inception, we have expanded our program offering to include snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing and sailing programs. All of our programs have full scholarship seats for any eligible youth or families to assist in providing them with an opportunity to develop a healthy passion.

Start Fresh

In early 2016, Start Fresh took root with founder Michael Buffett in the central Okanagan. A chef on a simple mission, he and his team began facilitating culinary education programming to inspire people about food. Recognizing a greater need within local social service organizations, the non-profit program has now expanded to include teaching of employment and necessary life skills, while creating access to long-term meaningful employment. This is how their team was formed, and the talented chefs involved now bring the same knowledge and skills into the spotlight of a Collaborative Kitchen, creating a truly community-based kitchen that cater events, and facilitate boutique cooking classes.


Improve the world we live in by connecting the social sector to everyday people on a platform focused on impact. Trellis enables people to invest their money for social return in a modern, transparent and engaging way. Trellis empowers people to do good and will lead the social sector into a more sustainable and impact focused future by reframing how our society thinks about charity, giving and measuring success.

Kelowna Women’s Shelter

Since 1980, Kelowna Women’s Shelter has offered a safe place to stay, and essentials such as food, clothing, and toiletries for women who have to flee quickly and don’t have time to prepare. They offer ongoing counselling, support and preventive education programs, all at no cost. The Kelowna Women’s Shelter Thrift Store carries a selection of clothes and household items with profits going back into the Shelter to support their many services. They also offer vouchers so their clients and others in need in the community can shop at the Store for free.

Clubhouse Childcare

The Clubhouse Farm was started in 2012 and brings daycare, preschool and school age groups to get outside and see where food comes from. In this 12-acre nature play space, children can explore, get creative, garden, build, play or just relax under the trees. Through outdoor play, creativity and happiness bloom, stress and anxiety are reduced, and skills for better academic performance are enhanced.

The Bridge (Healthy Together)

Healthy Together is an innovative and unique family education program that brings families together to learn to make healthy choices and build healthy relationships. Healthy Together aims to promote and influence policies that will enhance the health of all Canadian children, youth and their families.

Habitat for Humanity Okanagan

Habitat for Humanity’s model empowers families to invest in home ownership. Through donated labour, efficient management and tax-deductible donations of money and materials, Habitat for Humanity builds and rehabilitates simple, decent houses. ReStore is a home decor and building supply store with 3 locations in Kelowna, West Kelowna and Penticton that sell new and gently-used items for your home and garden. From lighting to flooring, furniture to major appliances, one of a kinds and antiques. ReStores help keep material out of the landfill and the proceeds from the sales help support Habitat for Humanity Okanagan’s building program.

OGO Car Share

Healthy Essentials Clinic

A multi-disciplinary, multi-modality, family-centred program for mild to moderate needs which brings timely, main-street access to mental health Treatment.

Kamloops Music Collective

Kamloops Music Collective is a non-profit organization that offers and manages music programs for youth. They also connect government, corporate and individual sponsors towards music initiatives in Kamloops. KMC provides music lessons and instruments to Kamloops children and youth regardless of their economic situation; and enriches the music culture in the City of Kamloops.

The Big Edition

The Lived Experience Community (LEC) is a collective of individuals in Kamloops with diverse Lived Experiences around issues of homelessness, addiction, abuse, disabilities and mental and physical health challenges. The LEC launched The Big Edition, which is a street newspaper that shares a different voice to community events, news, and issues while providing much needed skills training and income for people with lived experience. It’s also an alternative to panhandling. The Big Edition is a local version of a global social enterprise model that’s working in about 100 cities in 34 countries and published in 24 languages.

Current Taxi

A taxi company that only drives Teslas. They are proving to the taxi industry that you can build companies that are radically better for our environment and customers love them. 180 tonnes of carbon eliminated and growing.

BrainTrust Canada

30% of all traumatic brain injuries are sustained by children and youth. At BrainTrust Canada they have created programs that focus on preventing brain injuries in our young people. Their Helmet Safety Program, School Presentations, participation in the P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) Program held at Kelowna General Hospital, Concussion Management Information Cards, and award-winning Protect Your Head program all serve to create positive changes in youth that will help safeguard their future.

One Big Table

One Big Table has built a cooperative-owned grocery store dedicated to providing seasonal fruits and vegetables, free-range meats and eggs, artisan cheeses and breads to its members on a daily basis. They offer the small, the unique, the traditionally made; heritage varieties that have been part of the land in the past but are now disappearing – in balance with the seasons and the natural rhythm they provide – all in one stop.

John Howard Society

The John Howard Society Okanagan has operated for more than 60 years and offers a wide range of innovative services within the fields of community justice, social services, health, and public interest issues. Their mission is to understand and respond to underlying issues of crime and to work with people who have come into conflict with the law or are at-risk of being criminalized. Guided by evidence informed practices, a harm reduction lens, and a person-centered approach, they support people from assorted circumstances and needs including, but not limited to, homelessness, mental illness, addiction and developmental disabilities.

Silver Lake Camp

Silver Lake Camp offers children (K-9) the chance to enjoy nature in every season. Each camp session has programs to adapt to the weather from archery, snowshoeing, fishing and everything in between. Silver Lake’s passion is to provide outdoor, environmental and forest based educational opportunities for youth and community groups.

Naramata Centre

Open to people of all ages, Naramata Centre is an inclusive, welcoming place to connect and deepen in mind, body and spirit. Situated on 23 acres of land on the east shore of Lake Okanagan, the Centre provides a peaceful oasis for children, teens, adults, families and elders to play, relax, grow and be authentically themselves, supported in community. Naramata Centre draws and inspires people from many paths and walks of life, as a place for learning, sharing, contemplation, personal growth and spiritual renewal.

Shoe Bank Canada

In July 2014, Jim Belshaw partnered with the Kelowna Community Food Bank to house a “Shoe Bank” to give people in need better access to footwear. A month later, set up just like a shoe store and with the help of the Food Bank, Shoe Bank Canada was born and opening its doors on Ellis Street. Since then, and with the help of nearly 20 local service agencies guiding the qualifying process and handing out shoe vouchers, the Shoe Bank has provided over 4,000 pairs of shoes to those in need in Kelowna.

Kamloops Food Policy Council

The Kamloops Food Policy Council (KFPC) has been pollinating projects, developing partnerships, and contributing to public policy since 1995. Their Gleaning Abundance Program brings people together to help harvest our local abundance of fruit and vegetables and share it with the greater community. Produce that might have gone to waste becomes a welcome source of fresh food for many who might otherwise go without. About 105,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables have been gleaned since 2013.

Okanagan School of the Arts

A creativity centre and home of the Okanagan School of the Arts, the Shatford Centre has a history of almost 100 years with a wealth of history, legacies and visionaries. Okanagan School of the Arts offers a wide variety of performing and visual arts courses for students of all ages and stages are offered year round in many disciplines and houses periodic visual art exhibitions.

Shelley Gautier Parasport Foundation

The Shelley Gautier Para-Sport Foundation breaks down barriers for people living with disabilities, enabling them to participate in sports activities. An awareness of adaptive sport is created and the foundation develops resources that encourages inclusive para-sport programs.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central & Southern Interior BC

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Central and Southern Interior (BBBSCSI) our mission is to enable life changing Mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people, and our vision is for all young people to realize their full potential.

Our Mentoring agency’s existence goes back over 50 years and was created in direct response to community needs. The Programs and Strategies we offer are research and evidence-based, accessible to all students, and delivered in partnership with local schools during school hours. Healthy development of children and youth is critical to the continued well-being of our communities. Children and youth are our future. The quality of their early lives and their healthy integration into civil society is important, not only to the on-going process of social health and renewal but also to our safety and security.

BBBSCSI is powered by a social enterprise partnership with Value Village.

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