What We Do

We Help Build Sustainable Revenue and Sustainable Impact

We educate, accelerate, and invest in people who build sustainable, long-term solutions to community, social, and environmental challenges.

Programs + Education

SoFun Workshop

Social Enterprise Fundamentals (SoFun) is a full-day workshop for people who want to build sustainable revenue models and sustainable social impact models.
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Events + Initiatives

Bespoke Services

Impact Investing

Purppl, alongside several other partners, is exploring local interest in building an impact investment fund to do direct investing into social enterprises.

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Our diverse team helps to identify, build and scale projects and enterprises that work for the public good. Let’s collaborate. 

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Support at All Stages of Growth

We aim to build an ecosystem that supports social entrepreneurs at all stages of development. Social entrepreneurs need different support as they mature. Scroll over the program icons below to see what stage we think our programs are most appropriate.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

01 Ideate

You are thinking about impact and entrepreneurship. You need to connect, learn, and listen.

02 Validate

You’ve started something and are trying to validate it. You need tools and people to learn with and from.

03 Startup

You’re committed to your project or enterprise. It’s time to test and build sustainable revenue and sustainable impact.

04 Scale Up

It’s working. You need to backstop your team with additional expertise, deepen your impact, and expand your financial model.

05 System Change

You can consistently deliver sustainable impact. It’s time to leverage partnerships and scale to fundamentally change a system.

Building something that works for the public good?

We’d love to help accelerate your idea, project or enterprise. We help you build sustainable revenue and sustainable social impact. Don’t know if we’re a fit? Let’s discuss.

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