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A Social Enterprise Pitch Event

Change Up is a pitch style event for social enterprises to share their stories and solutions to some of our toughest community, social, and environmental challenges.

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What is Change UP?

Achieving Social Objectives

Come and Celebrate Social Entrepreneurs at ChangeUP.

ChangeUP, presented annually in Kelowna and Kamloops by Valley First and Interior Savings is a pitch style event for social enterprises. Featured social enterprises share their stories and solutions for some of the toughest community, social, and environmental challenges.

Don’t miss your chance to be inspired, make connections, and learn how local social enterprises are making an impact in the community.

For more information, contact samantha@purppl.com.

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For the Social Entrepreneur

Share Your Story

Apply to present on stage at Change Up. Share your story about your business model and your impact model. Connect with a community of social entrepreneurs, wantrepreneurs, partners, customers, investors, and more.

Ask for Help

ChangeUP opportunity to ask for help. It’s not about the money – it’s about finding mentors, business partners, impact partners, customers, champions, and more. Make sure the community knows how they can help your sustainable impact model.

For the Community

Learn, Connect, Reflect

Learn about local social enterprises. Connect with other people who are interested in social enterprise and social innovation. Reflect on how you could play a part in building an ecosystem to support social enterprise development.

Support Social Enterepreneurs

Listen to the social entrepreneurs, their business models, and their impact models. As a community, we can all dig in to help in different ways. Can you buy, partner volunteer, sponsor, donate, invest, or even just share their story?

Since 2013

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Some Past Presenters

30 social enterprises have presented over the last five years. These social entrepreneurs are building sustainable solutions to big challenges like housing for everyone, food and water security, economic empowerment, accessible transportation, and climate change.

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Upcoming Change Up Events

2020 ChangeUp – Okanagan Edition

Keynote Speaker

Joel Solomon & Dana Bass Solomon

Dana – led Hollyhock for 18 years as CEO of the west coast Canada-based and renowned lifelong learning organization. Hollyhock supports creative cultural and social entrepreneur networks. She has 30+ years of senior leadership and management in programs, facilities, and hospitality.

Joel – Co-Author of “The Clean Money Revolution” Solomon is Co-Founding Partner of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm at $98m, investing in Organics and EnviroTech. Joel led an innovative “activist family office” strategy with Carol Newell, Principal, for 14 years, deploying $70m+ in an integrated capital strategy for social and cultural change in the Vancouver, BC, Canada, region.

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Education + Events

SoFun Workshop

(SoFun) is a full-day workshop for people who want to learn about building sustainable business models and sustainable social impact models.
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