As we wind down the year, the Purppl team is thrilled to share our 2023 Impact Report.

This report is not simply a summary of what we’ve done, but a celebration of the collective journey of the many social entrepreneurs and impact leaders with whom we’ve had the privilege to collaborate.

It is a mosaic of shared efforts, underscoring the belief that real change is a collaborative endeavour. It is the story of how, together, we’re making meaningful changes in community.

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Evidence for hope in the face of overlapping crises.

A just, regenerative economy is emerging, and we at Purppl are privileged to be able to see and feel the shifts firsthand through our work in community: kinSHIFT and IndigiNews offer leadership training, facilitation, and storytelling that centres Indigenous ways of being and knowing; Sage Haven and The Tree embolden women through recovery, strength building and trusted relationships; Elevation Outdoors, Earthware, Rad Relish and Loving Spoonful centre people and planet in their business models.

These people and organizations, and a rich ecosystem of others, are taking the slow, steady steps of system change. Incremental changes like these fortify the social economy. And it’s happening in every community.

The social economy is a vast, growing and unstoppable movement.

We are humbled to play a supporting role in this movement, especially where we can amplify the efforts and leadership of those who’ve traditionally been marginalized by capitalism and colonization.

In this report, you’ll find impact stories from the more than 61 diverse social enterprises and social purpose organizations we’ve collaborated with this year – 73% of them led by women, 25% by Indigenous, Black or People of Colour, and 74% located outside of major urban centres.

The 2023 report illuminates how these organizations have developed regenerative revenue models and impact models, while growing their confidence and courage to lead.

Purppl’s role has been to coach, collaborate, and to learn alongside.

In the report, we share Purppl’s Theory of Change and show progress toward achieving our intended impacts through four key activities:

  • Coaching & Collaboration
  • Building Community
  • Connecting Capital to Impact
  • Storytelling & Advocacy

Within our own organization these past couple of years, we’ve focused on expanding and focusing our team on impact, deepening our connection and contributions in community, and refining services to better support and collaborate with SPOs.

Purppl’s staff and Entrepreneur-In-Residence team grew, adding expertise, experience and diversity. We expanded roundtables for social entrepreneurs, and added a roundtable specifically for Indigenous folks. Purppl’s relationship with kinSHIFT deepened as we began co-creating a new coaching program for settlers. Purppl’s relationship with Scale Collaborative also deepened as we expanded Thrive Impact Fund to the BC Interior. Pilot programs in impact measurement, impact strategy and building Indigenous relationships are propelling Purppl beyond the startup phase and into a new stage, where we feel equipped to build with abundance instead of scarcity.

Our collective future requires deep, respectful relationships.

This is work our team takes very seriously. We are learning and growing so much together, alongside a community of clients and partners. And with every step forward and backward, it’s increasingly clear that a just, regenerative economy is possible. People are leading this shift, usually quietly, and never alone.

Please explore Purppl’s 2023 Impact Report and get to know some of those people. May it feed your own sense of hope.

Purppl 2023 Impact Report

Read the Report

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