Are you looking to make a positive impact through your everyday work? Impact and social enterprise jobs provide meaningful work that contributes to the well-being of our communities and their people.

We’ve rounded up some of the best opportunities with organizations that we know and trust.

Kelowna Gospel Mission

Multiple Roles

OCCA Communities Association

Executive Director (ED) (Full Time)

Elevation Outdoors

Members for Board of Directors

Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society

Indigenous Outreach Worker (Multiple Positions) (Full Time)

Elder Activities Coordinator (Full Time)

Aboriginal Infant Development Worker (AIDP) (Full Time)

Indigenous Health Coordinator (Interim) (Full Time)

Receptionist (Full Time)

Operational Manager (Full Time)

Future of Good

Reporter on Diverse Social Impact Topics (Full Time)

Managing Editor (Full Time)

Reporter on Volunteerism & Nonprofit Workforce (Full Time)

Addenda Capital

Junior Analyst, Sustainable Investing  (Full Time)

Kaleidoscope Social Impact

Community Financial Officier (Full Time)

Boann Social Impact

Investment Analyst  (Full Time)

Operations Coordinator (Full Time)

Chief Investment Officer (Full Time)

Common Approach

Social Purpose Organization Council (Volunteer)

CMHA (Canadian mental Health Association)

Lawyer to serve on Board of Directors (Volunteer)

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