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Domenica Chieffo is Purppl’s Operations Coordinator

ILDP program offers coaching and support to BC Interior-based social purpose organizations seeking to deepen community impact and strengthen financial sustainability. 

Alongside a coalition of impact-aligned partners in BC’s Interior, Purppl is excited to announce the launch of the Impact & Leadership Development Program (ILDP), a grant-funded, capacity building program for emerging social enterprise and social impact leaders in the Okanagan, Similkameen, Columbia, Shuswap, Kamloops and Prince George areas.

Formerly known as the Sustainable Recovery Grant (SRG) in the Okanagan and the Resilience and Recovery Grant (R&R) in Kamloops, the focus of these programs was initially a direct response to the pandemic, but the challenges faced by charities and purpose-driven businesses continue to evolve.

Relaunching the program as the Impact & Leadership Development Program (ILDP), the new name highlights the program’s focus on developing social impact leaders’ capacity to increase the impact, sustainability and resilience of their organizations – a critical need at a time of increased demand for services due to multiple overlapping crises, alongside limitations in funding, and economic and inflationary pressures.

ILDP surrounds impact leaders with a community of support

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Leanne Hammond, Executive Director of Community Foundation North Okanagan, an ILDP partner.

“Social purpose organizations are leading a movement to build a just, regenerative economy that builds a better future for all. Supporting these organizations with leadership development and customized coaching is a critical investment,” says Leanne Hammond, Executive Director of the Community Foundation North Okanagan.

“We’re seeing long term outcomes like revenue diversification, growth in social enterprise revenue, and stable, confident leadership in participating organizations. As a group of community partners, we’re delighted to keep supporting capacity building in local social purpose leaders.”

A multi-year partnership from local funders, the ILDP provides entrepreneurial coaching in four key areas: impact strategy, business model, operations, and leadership development. When these areas are predictable and sustainable, impact organizations can better focus on their mission and deepen their impact work, even when unforeseen events happen.

Seeing this, partners in the region provide funding to develop the capacity of leaders in this sector. In the Okanagan and Southern Interior, the partners include United Way BC, Interior Savings, Community Foundation North Okanagan, Community Foundation of the South Okanagan-Similkameen, Central Okanagan Foundation, and Valley First, a Division of First West Credit Union. In Kamloops and surrounding areas, the partnership includes Valley First and Interior Savings. Meanwhile, Purppl delivers the coaching. As of September 2023, the Prince George Community Foundation has also come onboard to support those in the Prince George area.

How the Impact & Leadership Development Program works

Purppl Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIRs) will provide tailored support to leaders of nonprofits and social enterprises, helping them to get to the root cause of complex problems, community can measure impact, build internal capacity, and build sustainable organizations and initiatives. The outcomes contribute to building just, regenerative communities. Purppl’s approach to coaching and consulting is respectful, relational and collaborative; EIRs hold leaders accountable, with patience and curiosity.

Successful applicants to the ILDP receive subsidized access to 6-12 months of customized coaching and support through Purppl. They are paired with experienced Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs), who work with organizations to provide ongoing tactical and strategic support and mentorship.

Grants from the community partners cover the majority of the program costs, however successful applicants are required to pay a small contribution to the program costs as a reflection of their commitment.

Charities and nonprofits based in the Okanagan and Southern Interior areas are eligible. Charities, nonprofits, and social enterprises are eligible in Kamloops and Prince George and the surrounding areas.

ILDP carries on the success of previous grant programs

Over the past 6 years, this collaborative partnership from local funders, has helped participating organizations to launch and grow social enterprise revenue streams, improve internal and external communication, redesign programs and services, improve financial sustainability, and navigate very difficult and complex leadership challenges.

Headshot of Janine Makar

Janine Makar, Executive Director of Kelowna & District SHARE Society and a ILDP participant.

Through coaching and collaboration, leaders accessing these programs have increased their capacity and confidence required to lead social enterprises and social purpose organizations.

“Being guided by our coach in the use of the Theory of Change Impact Assessment Tool and the accompanying Decision Matrix has been really beneficial for the whole team at SHARE,” said Janine Makar, Executive Director at Kelowna & District SHARE Society.

Headshot of Melody Frisk

Melody Frisk, Executive Director of Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion and ILDP participant.

“We’ve really enjoyed the process of learning together and brainstorming. The fact that these are living documents allows us to return to them; and, with the support of our Purppl coach, we are able to continue to refine our thinking as we build a sustainable path forward.”

“I look forward to working with my Purppl EIR every two weeks. She is motivating and inspiring – providing the perfect combination of expertise, feedback and encouragement that I am on the right track,” said Melody Frisk, Executive Director, Kamloops Society for Community Inclusion.

This program invests in leaders who are building a just, regenerative economy that advances collective wellbeing and the health of air, land and water.

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Andrew Greer, Managing Director at Purppl

“Social enterprise and social purpose organizations are huge contributors to the BC economy, but are often overlooked. About 15% of BC 2.2M workers are working for SPOs and 76% of them are women. They contribute about 8.4% of BC’s GDP which is $24B per year and growing,” says Andrew Greer, Managing Director at Purppl.

“These impact leaders are working on some of the most complex and persistent challenges in the province. Initiatives like the Impact & Leadership Development Program are critical in supporting leadership development and organizational sustainability for these organizations who are providing priceless social, cultural and environmental impact in the community.”

Apply for the Impact & Leadership Development Program

Learn more about the Impact & Leadership Development Program (ILDP) grant, including eligibility requirements, program focus areas, and how to apply here.



This post was updated on Sept 12, 2023, with Prince George Community Foundation joining as a Partner to enable Prince George-area social enterprises and impact organizations to participate in the ILDP.

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