Segun leads Impact and Engagement at Purppl.

Segun leads Impact and Engagement at Purppl.

Meet Segun Fatudimu, who recently joined Purppl’s staff as Impact and Engagement lead after serving as Entrepreneur In Residence since the spring of 2022.

In his new role, Segun serves as the key touchpoint for current and prospective clients, ensuring our work together is highly focused and achieves great outcomes. In addition, he supports the work of both Purppl and our clients to measure the impact of our work – an area he is particularly passionate about.

“I have two life philosophies,” says Segun. “The first is that I am growing ‘to be’ rather than to ‘seem’. I am part of Purppl because they go beyond the fluffy stuff to make a real impact. Secondly, as I grow, I am dedicated to lifting others – and working at Purppl gives me incredible opportunities to do both.” 

Segun also serves as the founder and Managing Director of Impact Toolbox, a digital incubator for emerging equity-seeking social entrepreneurs, and an international doctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) – as well as a husband and new father. 

Segun began his first business at the age of 11 in Nigeria and has committed to social impact in his work since then. He built a youth-led nonprofit that encourages young Nigerians towards high-impact leadership and sustainable community engagements, and co-founded and managed a community-based dental clinic. 

He was also an Obama Foundation Scholar while attending the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy and the Chicago Booth School of Business. 

Segun deeply understands the importance of youth leadership in social impact, and through his various roles likes to spend time with leaders on impact strategy, impact measurement and engagement models. 

And he does all this wearing that incredible Segun smile we’ve come to know well. Welcome, friend! We’re so glad you’re on our team.

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