Purppl invites interested non-profit organizations in Kamloops to submit applications for the new 2018 Social Enterprise Accelerator Program.

This year, Purppl is working with the City of Kamloops to pilot the Social Enterprise Acceleration Program to increase the impact of the community Social Planning Grants. The Social Enterprise Acceleration Program is available for three social enterprises and will award $15,000 for one year to support participation in the program.

Purppl will provide mentorship, training, and capacity building for each social enterprise. This unique approach will provide long-term, structured mentorship for social entrepreneurs to build and refine social enterprise revenue, implement and improve operational process, and add support around financial management.

Purppl will hire experienced entrepreneurs, called entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs), in Kamloops to help provide structured mentorship to local social enterprises. Meetings will be held primarily at Kamloops Innovation which will add social enterprises into an already growing innovation ecosystem.

Applicants interested in the Social Enterprise Acceleration Program must have some measurable traction or progress such as revenue, customers, partners, product or service built, etc. The program is intended to assist those who have already committed time and money into building a social enterprise.

The deadline to apply for the Social Enterprise Accelerator Program is March 22, 2018 at 4:00pm. To access application materials visit the City’s Social Planning Grant page www.kamloops.ca/grants.

Questions? We’d love to discuss. Reach out to Amanda at Purppl.

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