NAME OF COMPANY: The Clubhouse Child Care Center

TYPE OF ORGANIZATION: Registered Charity




THE PROBLEM: Children often do not get enough outside time for play and that can affect their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development at all ages. As we start to adapt programs for childrens’ modern needs and get outside more often, we find that there are not enough outdoor-oriented qualified educators to meet demand.

THE SOLUTION: We have been developing our outdoor play spaces and programs to increase childrens’ time outside and are beginning to see the benefits. We have to get our story out to let outdoor educators and community supporters know what we’re doing!

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: The Clubhouse Farm was started in 2012 and brings daycare, preschool and school age groups to get outside and see where food comes from. In this 12-acre nature play space, children can explore, get creative, garden, build, play or just relax under the trees. Through outdoor play, creativity and happiness bloom, stress and anxiety are reduced, and skills for better academic performance are enhanced!

WHAT WE NEED HELP WITH: Recruitment of qualified early childhood educators and people with nature play landscape design skills. As our agricultural social enterprise grows at the Clubhouse Farm we will be able to increase salaries to retain skilled staff.


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