From Outputs to Outcomes: How the City of Kelowna is Improving Impact Measurement and Storytelling

Working together since 2023.

Like many municipalities, the City of Kelowna works with a network of community partners who play an important role in meeting community needs and providing a depth of programs, experiences and services that local government could not deliver on its own.

These partnerships deliver significant value and impact linked to quality of life, arts and culture, recreation, health, wellness and social connection. Measuring that impact and value goes beyond easy to measure outputs like the number of people in programs, and the City needed an improved approach to impact measurement and storytelling.

Working together through six months of dialogue, coaching, and workshop facilitation, the Purppl team and City of Kelowna Partnership Manager Sandra Kochan refined the measurement approach and developed skills, confidence, and capacity for both the Partnerships Office and the City’s partners.

“Purppl immediately added capacity to help us do better measurement,” shares Sandra. “We’re now better at measuring outcomes, not just outputs, from our Official Community Plan. We’re able to demonstrate the long term outcomes of work carried out by our partners, and in turn our partners are able to demonstrate to their participants and supporters that the impact and relevance of their work is recognized. We’re rebalancing the reporting relationship to exchange better information and showcase the value of these relationships.”

The Partnerships Office knows that good measurement is a long journey. “This work takes time and patience. We expect to integrate the new storytelling into the City’s broader performance measurement and reporting. Our strategic partners are essential to achieving the City’s biggest priorities; improved measurement and storytelling will help to demonstrate how they are building a collaborative, connected, smart, and responsible city.”

“The Purppl team asked a lot of really good questions to help us reflect on what was most important and what kind of results would be possible. This work takes time and patience and Purppl walked alongside until the path got clearer.”

– Sandra Kochan, Partnership Manager

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Purppl 2023 Impact ReportThis report is not simply a summary of what we’ve done, but a celebration of the collective journey of the many social entrepreneurs and impact leaders with whom we’ve had the privilege to collaborate.

It is a mosaic of shared efforts, underscoring the belief that real change is a collaborative endeavour. It is the story of how, together, we’re making meaningful changes in community.

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