Purppl is growing. We’re past the scrappy startup years and into a period of sustained growth. 

Purppl is ready to add a new, senior role called Operations & Client Success Lead. This position has an important role in team leadership, organization-wide operations, service delivery and client impact, as well as budget and financial management.

We’re hoping that’s you, or someone you might know.  

If it’s you, please watch to the video below. And then connect with us! If you know someone perfect for the role, please share it with them.

About Purppl

We build social impact, together. Purppl coaches, consults, and collaborates with social entrepreneurs and impact leaders to build regenerative enterprises and initiatives that address systemic inequity. 

Our team of experienced Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIR) walks alongside clients to build skills, confidence, and courage in impact strategy and measurement, financial management, operations, organizational development, and leadership. 

We also co-own an impact investment fund. And we’ve co-created and are co-delivering a leadership development program alongside IndigenEYEZ that supports settlers to take action on reconciliation and build relationships with Indigenous people and place.

Our work is personalized, bespoke, impactful and meaningful.

Purppl operates at the intersection of excitement and despair, working with clients who are addressing some of society’s most daunting challenges – climate change, racism, gender violence, and more. While the work is fulfilling and meaningful, it’s also tough. We’re standing with folks who are at the frontlines of a polycrisis.

And as we see the impact of many collective efforts, we hold hope – and an ambitious vision: a just, regenerative economy that advances collective wellbeing and the health of air, land and water. It’s a vision anchored in our values: respectful relationships, collaboration, equity, and hope & abundance. 

Purppl is growing consistently. A core team of five, expecting to grow by two to three roles over the next 18 months. This growth allows us to improve, specialize and intensify our focus on contributing to building a more just, equitable future.

Some things to know about our company culture: We work mostly 4 days a week. We’re currently a core team of 5 and a team of 35ish Entrepreneurs In Residence (EIRs). We are committed to walking the path to decolonize our minds and build respectful relationships. We truly care about one another, and support each other to prioritize wellness. And we really enjoy spending time together – even if that’s mostly done remotely.

The Role and Responsibility

The Operations and Client Success Lead has an important role in team leadership, organization-wide operations, service delivery and client impact, as well as budget and financial management. Some of the key responsibilities include: 

  • Build and maintain respectful relationships, staff, EIRs, contractors, and key clients and community partners,
  • Lead service delivery, a team effort by five current staff, including two direct reports, and indirectly manage a contractor team of about 35 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence,
  • Oversee the delivery of Purppl’s coaching, consulting, and collaborative services to build consistent client success and impact, meet objectives, and are aligned with Purppl’s values,
  • Translate organizational strategy into actionable operational plan, and be accountable for successful implementation, and
  • Manage annual financial planning, internal financial reporting, forecasts and variance explanations to support financial health and improved decision making.

This person will work closely alongside and report to the Managing Director, who will continue to lead revenue development, strategy, partnerships, and business and financial modeling development.

The role requires someone skilled in people management, system improvement, and service delivery. Your ability to identify priorities, manage budgets, and foster respectful relationships will be key. They’ll need to have strong operational experience and focus with a mix of creativity, humility and an entrepreneurial spirit to help Purppl scale its impact. 

Invitation to Apply

This is an exciting time to be working in social enterprise and social impact. And a really exciting time to be at Purppl. The future is sustainable, regenerative, and just, and we’re committed to making that a reality. 

Whether you’re already working in this field or looking to shift your focus, we’re looking for someone committed to that future. And someone who is committed to fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and empowerment. 

If you’re interested, we invite you to watch the video below by Andrew Greer, cofounder and Managing Director at Purppl, and consider how you might contribute to this vision. 

To find out more about the role, responsibilities, expectations, and salary range, please visit the Indeed job posting (or download PDF).

To apply, please complete your application through Indeed. Include a resume or LinkedIn profile, and strongly consider adding a video or audio response to share your vision and how you see yourself contributing to Purppl’s mission. Your voice matters to us, and we’re eager to hear your unique perspective.

Deadline for Applications: May 4, 2024. We encourage early submissions, as we will review applications on a rolling basis.

We strongly encourage people of all genders and orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and those with a variety of life experience to apply; we will prioritize your application. 

Let’s build social impact, together.  

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