Organization, Efficiency, Profitability: How Victory Gardens optimized their ability to work within a seasonal schedule

Victory Gardens is a worker-owned co-op that designs, builds and maintains ecologically productive gardens in Vancouver, BC. The food-focused landscapes they create are not only beautiful, productive and ecologically beneficial, but also support the physical, social and mental health of their community.

Victory Gardens works in approximately 100 gardens per month, including residential, community and educational spaces. Before working with Purppl, the team was challenged by seasonal revenue fluctuations, inaccurate budgeting and sales goals, inefficiencies in invoicing and communicating billing information, poor management of client information and communication, and personnel issues. As such, their work with Purppl had a threefold focus: organization, efficiency and profitability.

Working with Purppl Entrepreneur-In-Residence Alyssa Farr, they balanced revenue throughout the seasons, implemented accurate financial reporting tools, analyzed sales data to create effective marketing strategies, developed a process for responding to inbound enquiries, and set clear yearly and quarterly goals for improvement.

Victory Gardens also optimized their ability to work within a seasonal schedule, using the off-season for long-term planning, sales and other revenue-generating activities. As a result, they were able to book $100k in new installs ahead of the season and access funding to deepen their impact by getting into classrooms, focusing on Indigenous students and girls in STEM in eight schools this year

“Our EIR has been highly responsive to our needs, helping us focus on priorities and get on top of our financial reporting. We are booking bigger jobs with much more confidence thanks to her guidance!”

– Jenna Jaski, Worker-Owner



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It is a mosaic of shared efforts, underscoring the belief that real change is a collaborative endeavour. It is the story of how, together, we’re making meaningful changes in community.

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