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Funding sponsors participation in a new Resilient Recovery program, a 6-12 month entrepreneurial coaching program, co-delivered by Purppl and Kamloops Innovation, which helps social purpose organizations build sustainable and resilient revenue and impact.

Applications are now open for Kamloops social purpose organizations who are looking for entrepreneurial coaching and are dedicated to advancing a social, cultural or environmental mission. Access to the Resilience and Recovery Program is sponsored by Valley First, Interior Savings, and the City of Kamloops and is a continuation of a multi-year collaboration between the partners.

Funding Partners for Kamloops Social Enterprise Coaching

Join our online info session on July 9th.

“Social entrepreneurship has been a growing movement for several years. Post COVID, we expect more and more organizations will prioritize sustainable revenue and sustainable community impact. It just makes sense”, says Andrew Greer, Managing Director at Purppl.

Selected applicants receive 6-12 months of private, entrepreneurial coaching sessions to address challenges and opportunities faced by social purpose organizations and social enterprises. The program is customized for the needs of each organization and helps build strategies for sustainable and resilient revenue, operations, impact, and people.

“In a recent survey, we heard from social purpose organizations across BC that urgent support is needed to grow revenue and evolve products, services, and operations to meet new demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this partnership and new initiative, we will help leaders implement sustainable and resilient strategies that will see their organizations endure and thrive through unforeseen events,” says Dr. Lincoln Smith, Executive Director of Kamloops Innovation.


Eligibility to Apply

  • A social purpose organization (charity, nonprofit, social enterprise, co-operative, or for-profit social enterprise), with preference given to social enterprise initiatives
  • Facing challenges or opportunities in one or more of the four sustainability focus areas (revenue, operations, people, impact)
  • At least one paid staff position
  • Located in Kamloops region
  • Ability to submit 2018 and 2019 financials with application
  • Able to contribute $300-$500 per month to program costs for the duration of the program


Sustainability Focus Areas

  • Revenue: Build, refine, and grow a sustainable revenue model. Develop marketing strategies to tell your story.
  • Operations: Improve capacity and operational efficiency. Evolve products, services, or technology to meet changing demands.
  • People: Strengthen teams, culture, and leadership. Establish objectives, key results, accountability, and focus.
  • Impact: Define your desired community impact, develop steps to get there, measure progress, and communicate the journey.

Eligible social purpose organizations are invited to submit a short application before the July 15th, 2020 deadline. Successful applicants will be notified in late July 2020.

For more information about the application or program, please join our info session on July 9th or contact Samantha Williams, Program Coordinator with Purppl at samantha@purppl.com.

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