The pandemic is challenging all organizations. Our diverse team is here to help in brand new ways.


The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly impacting all of us in different and challenging ways. Not the least of which is the ability to continue making a positive impact in ever-changing conditions as nonprofit and for-profit social enterprises and social purpose organizations.

We have listened attentively to the impact of the pandemic – both positive and negative. One thing is clear – social purpose organizations, in particular social enterprises are a critical part of creating more resilient, equitable and sustainable communities as we rebuild.

In direct response to the needs we’ve seen, we have carefully crafted a set of four sustainability and resilience building services for organizations like yours.


#1 Resilience & Recovery Program – customized coaching to build resilience in your revenue, operations, impact, and people.

Our experienced entrepreneurs-in-residence (EIRs) backstop your leadership team with tactical, functional expertise to support your growth.

Resilience and Recovery Purppl


  • Get help with emerging needs related to revenue, operations, people, and social impact
  • Level up your leadership team

How it works

  • 4-week rapid assessment followed by 5 months of regular coaching
  • Set objectives with measurable key results and get ongoing support to achieve those objectives
  • Private, confidential coaching
  • Facilitation of at least one strategic review session


#2 Peer Roundtables – facilitated round tables to learn with and from peers.

Harness the power of peer-to-peer trust to help each other in a confidential environment.

peer roundtables purppl


  • Build a circle of peers who you trust to share with and learn from
  • Receive peer input and support from outside your organization
  • Learn in a non-competitive environment
  • Build collective, collaborate knowledge rather than learning from speakers

How it works

  • Bi-weekly or monthly curated and facilitated sessions
  • Facilitated, confidential roundtables
  • 6-8 leaders of social purpose organizations or social enterprises


#3 Consulting & Facilitation – Extend your team with consulting, facilitation, and interim operational services.

Fill a short term gap in resources to get a specific job done or a project launched.

Consulting and facilitation purppl


  • Add experienced talent to increase capacity and solve short term needs
  • Gain access to diverse skills, experience, and expertise
  • Work with consultants who have a team of others to draw from, rather than a lone consultant

How it works

  • Customized for your specific problem or need
  • Work with our deep bench of experienced social entrepreneurs-in -residence, professionals, and facilitators
  • A wide array of skills, experience and industries
  • Short-term contracted talent to add to your team


#4 Conversation that Matters – keynote speaking and learning sessions about conversation that matters.

Host an inspired and interactive discussion led by a Purppl team member.

Conversations that matter purppl


  • Bring in external talent to facilitate a discussion, a workshop / learning session, or keynote on topics around social impact and social entrepreneurship
  • Insert some energy, expertise, and inspiration to an internal or external meeting

How it works

  • 30-minute to 2-hour sessions on key themes that matter right now

Example Topics:

  • Shifting to a regenerative / social economy
  • Impact measurement / impact model
  • Increasing your social impact
  • Social enterprise business models & creative revenue generation
  • Social procurement
  • Live social enterprise case studies


The Purppl team is experienced with many aspects required to advance a modern social enterprise, social purpose organization, or social business. We are geographically dispersed around British Columbia, have diverse experience in sector and business models, and have deep networks to support your organization and team. We work remotely and can provide service wherever you operate.

As an example, Purppl recently partnered with a non-profit social enterprise called Elevation Outdoors. Their mission is to increase the resilience of at-risk-youth via outdoor recreational education programs. Here’s what the Executive Director of Elevation Outdoors, Mike, has to say about Purppl:


“I was faced with a tsunami of to-do’s! Increasing demand just led to more work and we couldn’t keep up.

The team from Purppl helped us define our Objectives & Key Results (OKR’s) which have really helped us stay focused on that week-to-week and month-to-month planning. We stay focused on task.

We are now able to prioritize our time to achieve what we are intending to achieve as opposed to just doing the work that shows up in our inbox. Our revenues from earned income have increased over 40% and we are achieving greater impact in our community”


This unprecedented global wake-up-call has challenged us all to move forward in more resilient, equitable ways. Sustainable, social impact is a key part of our collective recovery. We’re here to walk alongside you in this movement.


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